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  1. 13 Reasons Why You Need A French Canadian Girlfriend In Your Life - MTL Blog
  2. 15 Things You Need to Know About French Canadian Women
  3. Parce qu'on est les meilleures blondes du monde.
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13 Reasons Why You Need A French Canadian Girlfriend In Your Life - MTL Blog

Page 1 of 5. The western periphery of Terra Australis 24, posts, read 43,, times Reputation: Canada 4, posts, read 8,, times Reputation: Originally Posted by That Ottawa One Montrealers in general are more fashion-conscious, that also goes for the men, though. Originally Posted by BIMBAM As for Jambo, I gotta disagree that there's no difference, although you might not see it because we are Anglo Montrealers and English people here are culturally influenced by other Quebeckers and so we don't see a big difference between Anglophone and Francophone women in our city.

Originally Posted by dougie86 The Canadian anglo-women smell of roses, while their french-cousines, lavender. French girls are great. They still have standards or course, but once you're in, it's freak city.

15 Things You Need to Know About French Canadian Women

Frenchies aren't the hottest though, not bad. Vancouver girls are the prettiest. But also complete trash. Also what was your take on Toronto girls? And for Quebec girls are they more so "good girls" then other places and less promiscuous, low n count etc? I get the feeling that Vancouver girls are more lonely and I noticed relationships from there last longer like whenever I see some beta with a very hot girlfriend they will be from Vancouver and a lot of the time they stick together Vancouver girls seem more loyal for some reason?

Parce qu'on est les meilleures blondes du monde.

Montreal is very European and attracts euro type girls. They are all on the cigarette and no food diet.

So yes lots of hot girls. Many of which only speak French though. Been to Montreal a few times, it never fails to disappoint, the women are good looking, easy to talk to and friendly. Toronto is very impersonal, alot of ugly girls every where and stand off ish.

Montreal girls act like 6's across the board, French culture still believes in feminine and masculine powers. I go back to Montreal every now and then because it really is quite an enjoyable city to be a tourist in. Montreal is a major city filled with a lot of people from European ancestry, particularly Italians.

Plenty of French girls still, but if they speak English Completely biased but most Italian girls tend to be LTR material on a baseline because most have a low N count. This is because everyone lives with their parents, good girl pressure, etc.

French girls on the other hand, hit or miss. Best time to come down would be in the summer.

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People think that we are way more ''trash'' than the French girls, and way more outgoing and funny than the Canadian girls. Here are 13 reasons why we're totally the best!

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