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Private servers of both games still exist. The most popular version, Celestia Luna is in it's alpha stage. As of , there has been an announcement for a relaunch of the official server for Luna Plus for Korea under a different publisher name.

In , A sequel named Luna Story ELS went into development and on , the ownership of the game development was transferred to Webzken Korea, who have now officially announced the game to be entering closed beta early in Q1. There is no confirmation if the game will be heading overseas.

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Matching System | Luna Online

With a surprising amount of classes in total 52 and a max character creation of 5, it is possible to experiment with different class combinations, such as Mage - Cleric - Priest - Warlock class line. All skills learned by cleric and priest class will still be available to the Warlock class. With the creation of families, it is possible to own a plot of land called Farms. All these features allow female gamers who enjoy dolling up and male gamers who enjoy challenges to find their niche.

Guard, Infantryman Level Neither had any understanding of the ways of war, so the former chose to flee in the hope of finding a new land where they might live in peace. The latter stayed, calling upon the fiends' longstanding enemies, the Dwarves, for assistance, an appeal that brought enough weapons and armor for an army. Still, when the Elven monarch invited the Humans to join his people on the Floating Isles they had discovered, the offer was gladly accepted. Naturally, the Demons were quick to pursue. Luna Online is Eya Interactive's massively multiplayer offering that will debut in North America this year, joining the lineup available through free to play publisher Gala-Net's gPotato portal.

Matching System

The design is said to place significant emphasis on social elements such as a matchmaking feature that pairs complementary characters and gives them bonuses such as access to so-called date instances where they have the chance to obtain special loot drops.

Another example is the system for families. Each one can consist of up to five members, and can own and operate a farm that provides further benefits as it levels up.

Celestia Luna Online - 1-Handed Magnus - Solo date Dungeon (101-120)

If you're a lover, not a fighter, Luna Online has you covered with rich social features like close-knit families, persistent parties, and in-game dating and matchmaking. It combines the best elements of a social network with the finest aspects of MMORPGs, and features an innovative dating system that gives you additional ways to express yourself, meet new friends, and maybe even find true love in between leveling sessions.

Dating in Luna Online is simple and fun - a daring departure from how it can be in the real world.

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Early in your character's life, you'll arrive in Alker Harbor, a bustling port city and the first major metropolis you'll visit in the world. Here, you'll get the chance to register with the family manager and receive your residence card, an in-game profile that includes a short character bio and a list of your interests and hobbies. Are you a Capricorn searching for a Gemini?

Are you into sports and cooking? Your card gives you a chance to tell others a little about yourself, and is the key to finding love in Luna Online.