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Instead of confronting our self-esteem issues head-on, it can be much easier to keep cutting the carbs and hitting the gym in hopes that the privilege of having an in-shape body will just make all our problems go away. I was in the best shape of my life when I met my boyfriend last year on OkCupid. And while our relationship eventually developed to be based on much more than our physical attraction for one another, there's no denying that it provided the initial spark. While I don't feel especially great about letting myself go, I do feel great about not having to select my new body type from a drop-down list.

I'd "rather not say" how much time I put into mentally laboring over how to answer this seemingly simple question, but for the sake of this post, I will: A lot of fucking time. OkCupid On my confident days, I'd select "thin" or "skinny. Related stories by this author.

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#27yearslater is trending today. Here's why.

How to choose the right lodging option for you. Six places to visit that are actually more fun in the winter. What happens if you lose your passport abroad? How to set and stick to a budget in How an online-only bank can put more money in your savings account. I am ok with fat. I am fully aware that head shots, where I am concerned, can be very misleading as my face is slender.

I am a beautiful women; not drop-dead gorgeous but beautiful. I am honest and mature enough to ensure my profile has full body shots so as not to mislead. I am perfectly ok with that. I feel if you are online to meet a partner there is no place for dishonesty. If you are willing to lie or mislead your appearance what else are you hiding? I might be more active than my skinny counterparts, but in no way shape or form do we look a like or have the same dating advantages.

Where as women are the opposite. We can see this example by how long it takes a woman to dump a jerky stud bucket vs. Might I suggest semi-truck lifter as a possible addition? Thanks for being spot on! Amen girl, so very true. Also, I would like to add a thought: Look at what your representing and have realistic expectations please. What I do have is some not a ton of leftover skin from my weight loss. That is the conundrum of those who have turned their health lives around but still live with the scarlet letter apron? This message is to TTFK1.

Congrats on all that hard work getting the extra pounds off. I know others may disagree but the way I see it, you have a few extra pounds of loose skin on you but other than that you are firm, if i understand you right. I understand the expense of skin removal but, if i may just put a thought out there, people get loans for education to better themselves and their lives, so why not for skin removal? And have you checked your insurance? They might pay part of it. The worse they could say is no.

Hugs to you and God bless. June 14, at 5: Melanie and to women who would think some of the things you do, we all have our faults, issues and what-not. Best Wishes in your search! Ok wait…I am beautiful and I am big but not in the fetish sense. I get a lot of attention in public, yes the drooling over the boobs type but attract losers.

What Body Types on Dating Sites Really Mean | It's Not a

I post realistic shots too. Blah blah blah…long story short. Guys are being really superficial on Match. Come on now, I exclusively only use to date hot guys. But I grew up. And here at 36, I just want a regular nice guy who treats me with respect and love. Ok…and who maybe leaves a little bit of drool in the cleavage…. I also go to gym 5 times a week and I work out a sweat. I hear you sister!!! We should start our own site. Yes, I am wondering too.

And then I thought, maybe I should put curvy?

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Average sounds like Dullsville to me. Curvy sounds prettier, sounds feminine. So guys, what should I put? So guys or women who know the answer , what do you think I should I put to show myself in the best light, but not lie? Guys, just because you have a gym membership does not make you athletic. I go to a gym times a week. In fact, the really hot bodies are in precious short supply, truth be told.

I went out with an athletic and toned once. I could loose 1 inch on my gut, but everything else is right on. This lady could crush my skull with her legs and had ZERO fat. Could probably bench press me too. I work with lots of guys around my age, and the reality is that guys who work in offices are usually quite paunchy by their mids. The part that I think is silly is that people like using the peer group for their own category, but not for others. Most of my peers there are athletic guys who think 28 is old, and the metabolism to drink a six pack yet still have a six pack.

If I claim to be athletic and toned, women expect me to look like these dudes. Welcome to the f-ed up world of online dating. Weight, height and a little qualifier is all you need to know to deduce, or a picture of course. Thanks for sharing this post and i have really enjoyed reading your posts about online dating…. I have been online dating for about 3 years now, and my experience has taught me that you cant ever really rely upon what they say their body type is and should instead look at the pictures carefully.

I am a guy and I am honestly about 30 pounds overweight. About average usually means overweight more in the lbs range. As a result they use Slender and Athletic to describe themselves when they are quite heavyset. As women get older the Slender and Athletic descriptions get more accurate.

Guys — The biggest mistake I see on your profiles is listing a body type preference for your date at all. Let your pics convey your size not a drop down box! Men DO know what they like by seeing it. Why not just post an honest height and weight? I would if I were out there. Men need to see what they like, not select it from a drop down menu.

Personally, I think men need to take the time to be honest about what they prefer and exclude: My displeasure is to see so many men not list a preference at all. As someone who would categorize myself as full figured or big and beautiful. Men are just as guilty as women in describing themselves…. If you list certain specifics, you look bad. If it were me, I would post a bunch of shots that make me look exactly as I am. Such a waste of time. Sadly, you will still get messages from people who apparently have time to waste and are thrilled to waste yours too.

Those exact groups, as if I was somehow extremely fascinating to them for wanting nothing to do with them. I think the solution is pretty simple. Head to foot shots. And your exact height and weight. So nobody — male or female — should skirt the truth about your body type, hoping that your personality will overcome potential objections to what you look like.

Big and beautiful implies a taller and over weight build not a hugely gross BMI, but close to Amazon. Queen , with evident curves, with a sparky personality that might keep the athletically toned dudes out on the track all day; might be a good match. While I know I am not ripped nor do I look like a supermodel I am definitely athletic and wear a size 4. I would not use slender as I am not skin and bones but I also would not use average as I am smaller and in better shape than average. I TOTALLY agree with your statement about only having yourself to blame if you lie through your pics then get hurt if your date walks out.

I did that once, and everyone thought I was so mean. Side note to my previously mentioned story. While we were talking on the phone, she mentioned that the previous couple guy she went out with just started pounding drinks and ended up getting wasted. You guys are total asshats. This is what adults in polite society do. You should try it sometime.

Choosing My Body Type on OKCupid Forced Me to Look at Myself — This Is What I Saw

Shame on me if I find something like honesty to be a desirable trait in the women I date. And, while I am certainly not Bradley Cooper, I am honest in portraying who I am… in both my written description of myself and in the photos I post. I think it is my perogative to decide whether I want to be with someone or not, based on their ability to be truthful.

I agree that the real curvy is sexy. But the definition of curvy on match. I think what has really happened here is you have discovered a big glitch in our education system concerning the teaching of the English language or maybe semantics. Some of us get so educated that we cannot understand why a baby is crying. Our language is being redefined every day by news media, music? The words like love, pot, gay, ignorant, stupid, marriage, sex thanks to Willie , drinking, have been redefined and some by the laws of this land by our superb courts pun intended. Good golly, all the pissing and moaning.

If you are looking for perfection then you know why you are single — cause perfect no one is, including you. Every man I have dated has lied about one or more of those things. I am not dating you 35 years ago, I am dating your now version. Another man I dated was thin as a rail, had played a lot of softball as an adult but was so crippled up he could barely walk, yet he went on and on about all the championships his team s had won.

The only championship I would see him win is a wheel chair race. Maybe a guideline for the ladies as to what is acceptable is this: If so, you are fat. If a review goes ahead, it may result in a tribunal appeal. These people are mostly obese. These values have already been decided for you, the BMI chart will tell you if your slender average or obese. If someone intentionally lies about their physic there is something worse than their appearance…….. I met a guy on match. He was very cute he only had head shots and had a lot going for him, according to his profile. I was really trying not to be totally superficial, because I think with a great personal trainer and a little bit of drive, anyone can whip it into shape.

I agreed to meet him and it was bad. He was just plain fat in person. He was obviously trying to hid it because his clothes were so tight. He was sweaty and miserable even sitting. I felt so sorry for him. The poor guy was wearing cowboy boots and even they were stretched to the max. He looks like someone who used to be fit, but has let himself go with age. I also have a male client, who is on match. I have not seen him naked, but he wears skinny jeans.

His pics are older than dirt. You can still raise a woman's interest with confidence, humor, and being assertive. Lastly, there is one sneaky trick you can do in your photos to make yourself hotter with women. The study grouped male body types into four broad categories: Other findings of the study were: African-American, Asian, and Latino women are just as likely as white women to prefer the fit athletic body ideal for potential male dates. Previous research found that African-American and Latina women are more accepting of heavier body types when discussing their own body.

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They are less impacted by mainstream media than white women and are more satisfied with their bodies and less constrained to the thin ideal body type. The study theorized women might generally be more timid about expressing preferences, or feel it is not socially acceptable to violate notions of romance by placing too much value on the body.