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On an episode of the KBS show "Happy Together," Gu Hye Sun admitted to dating a fellow celebrity while filming, although she did not say which celebrity or which drama she was shooting. Early in February Park Shin Hye admitted to dating in secret, saying it was good preparation for her dating behavior in "Pinocchio. Considering how many couples are eventually "caught" by the camera there may be a whole lot of secret dating going on.

Here are six celebrity couples that did a good job of dating in secret but had to confess they were going out. Won Bin and Lee Na Young dated for a few years before the Korean media outlet Dispatch snapped them leaving her apartment building.

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The two met when Young joined his agency, Eden Nine in Waaahh I want that booklet! Now when the news of their dating was confirmed, they stated that AhnGoo have been dating secretly for a year! Love all your posts.

Support for Koo and Ahn are overpowering here. I hope our couple feel it in Korea.

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As many of you said, he is a talented and strong person in his own right. I also found that his interests are so similar to Koo He is also a business man who designs and markets silver jewelry-very delicate and beautiful. I beleive Ahn studies economics in college.

Who is Hye-Sun Ku dating? Hye-Sun Ku boyfriend, husband

Koo as we know is very good with her hands Both Ahn and Koo love to read. Ahn is a very clever speaker in the way he uses words and put them together. I saw several of his interviews and I cannot describe how wittty he is. One reports that many co-workers on the set of Blood were a bit suspicious of them as they stayed together a great deal.

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  4. You many have something there. I believe they went to Romania in December of I heard somewhere they sat together on the long plane ride and got to know each other well. I am sure they discovered how much similar they are. Ahn's manager recently posted in his instagram a pix of a book called King's Donkey Ears. He was bursting to tell someone and could not.

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    I thought I will soon get cancer! This is what the fortune teller said about them and gave them his score of It is a strong foundation for a relationship. Even thought they seem so similar, they also have many differences. So, it is important that they do need to know each other's differences and to acknowledge them. I cannot find articles that talked about Ahn's ideal woman He was at a radio show in and said that his ideal is "someone whom he can respect, He likes woman with big eyes, but more than that, he likes a woman who radiates aura of nobleness.

    He likes woman who is calm not impulsive. He also said that at times he likes a woman, if she wants to lead, can lead well. I also saw him in a variety show called Witch Hunting which is not defunct. I am always amazed at how well he speaks and with maturity. All of them talk about whehther one is a "leg, chest or face-man" men talkkeke Ahn said that he tends to look a the chest area I was basically a secret admirer of both Koo and Ahn together.

    I did not want to publicize it because I also felt bad for them. And, yes it did. I saw so many bad blogs and articles etc.

    Six Celebrity Couples Who Dated In Secret

    But what was amazing is that the positive outweighed them all. It made me happy. I also love this couple that despite the bad and ugly, they made something beautiful from it. I canot help but think about the symbol of Phoenix bird Love it love it. Whether they last or not remains to be seen in the world of entertainment I hear that a lot too in K-ent. That would be not good for KOO!!!! Even if they marry early, I hope they continue to work and let us see them in the field.

    Koo moved into the building complex where Ahn lives I'm the type to go all in on a guy, so it didn't matter to me whether it went public. However, I got the impression that he wanted to keep a low profile. It made me think that he thought his career was more important.

    Ku Hye-sun

    I think people usually break up in cases like this. Suga revealed to have bought a place for 3. HaHa sheds tears as he worries about Byul's unexpected third pregnancy.