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Of course, this is not to say that prudent dating is bad. The point, here, is that everything needs to have balance.

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Serial dating tips the scales in such a way that the dating process is an all-consuming one, making it an unsustainable and unhealthy lifestyle. Serial dating also increases the likelihood of dishonesty. For example, imagine that you have a few dates lined up for your week, including a date on Thursday with a person you have seen a few times.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Female Serial Dater | Ravishly | Media Company

At the same time, you have also been messaging plenty of new women on your dating website. While it would be easy to say that you would do the right thing, the reality is not simple. As previously addressed, serial dating becomes addicting, and part of the thrill of serial dating comes from dating new and exciting people. It should come as no surprise that many serial daters, then, are also extreme flakes.

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Serial dating leads to empty promises, and this makes the serial dater an untrustworthy person. Further, it leads to more hurt for the people that a serial dater is seeing. For Apostolics, honesty is a fundamental aspect of living, and this of course extends to dating as well. If you find yourself firmly in the serial dater camp or at risk of becoming one, there is one easy tip you can use to date with a more measured and Godly approach. You simply need to know what you are looking for in a potential spouse.

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My feisty grandmother shushed me, and dashed off. I stood frozen in my parents' living room.

I mulled over her words for weeks. Then, it hit me. Though I had truly loved Dean, I realized then that my incessant flirting and dating proved that my relationship pattern was of the more, well, promiscuous variety.

The Dangers Of Being A Serial Dater

And i nstead of fighting it, I embraced it. I go on at least one date almost every week. The most dates I've ever had in a week was five—all with different guys. It's rare, but I've even had multiple dates on the same day. There are too many options. It really was an accident, so I handled it the best way I knew how. The couple we were out with silently laughed while I introduced the men to each other and sent both flirty text messages under the table.

I ended up dating one and having a one-night stand with the other. The one I slept with used a sketchy lube during sex and I had an allergic reaction to it. As I screeched in pain, I couldn't help but think, "karma is a bitch! Dates never make me feel nervous. Even the double double date didn't, really—I just cared about not getting caught.

When it comes to dating in 2014, the expectation is less monogamy, more feeling around...

I miss those jittery butterflies that once wrecked havoc on my stomach. Sometimes I fear that I am becoming too detached. I feel like I'm some lone love warrior roaming an endless battlefield. In many ways, I pride myself on handling so much on my own. At the same time, I can't help but wonder: Am I missing the beauty of getting vulnerable in front of a man?

Sometimes, I'll go weeks without a date. I'll find myself lounging on Baker Beach rereading Clockwork Orange and declaring a break from men. But as any of my friends can attest, those phases never last long. I do exercise some caution. I don't agree to dates from every man who offers. My rampant dating has put me in harm's way in the past. One guy angrily held a dulled knife to my neck while we were at a bar while another mildly stalked me for months following our date.

The truth about serial dating

These experiences frightened me, but didn't deter me from dating. Instead, I learned to carry pepper spray. I've never used any online dating services—largely due to the fear I felt from those experiences. Happily, incidents like those are rare. Usually, I have amazing nights full of laughter and stimulating conversations.